Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mga Payo ni Kuya Kim / The Waterproofing System

FlexSeal CeramiCoat Elastomeric Insulating Paint

FireShield Type-B

FlexSeal PRO Self Cleaning Paint

Refresh Odor Eliminating Paint with ACTIVCARBON* Technology

CAMPBRIDGE Paints Inc. is the Philippine's leading manufacturer of waterproofing materials. Campbridge manufactures high quality waterproofing, insulating and fireproofing coatings for the Philippine market since 1987.

Our company offers high quality competitive products for all your waterproofing needs. Our products are jointly developed and continuously monitored for product excellence and high standards by major chemical companies world wide as well as in the Asia - Pacific region.

Our company continues to produce new and innovative products for all your waterproofing needs through constant research and development. Every year, our team of highly trained technicians are put to intensive course and on job trainings in leading chemical companies in Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong as well as in the United States.

We offer the best waterproofing solutions against harsh environmental climates usually encountered in tropical regions. Our products offer excellent flexibility, strength, chemical resistance and overall durability. Ensuring highest product quality and customer satisfaction is the main goal of our company.

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